Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ho Ho HO!

I should be working on dolls for my granddaughters.
But I find myself taking it easy today.
Not sure why.
I did manage to finish up the Lizzie Kate
cross stitch into a pillow for myself.
Shocker I know.....

AND I finished up a little zipper bag
for a lovely client that is stopping by today to pick it up.

Yesterday I added one more apron to my shop.
This one just feels like sunshine to me.
Even with the gray fabric.
It's just a happy apron :)

I've got lots of new ideas for my Etsy shop for the coming year.
I also have a BIG giveaway planned for January
so make sure you check back to see what's going on!
It could be YOU who wins :)


  1. that pillow is totally cute and totally you

  2. Wow, you have been keeping very busy with wonderful finishes!

  3. Love the pillow! The apron is gorg as always and I want to make those little zip bags but I'm afraid of doing the zipper. I should've sent you the fabric and had you do it! ha!

  4. Ho ho ho cute projects - especially that pillow! I've been taking it easy too - I was getting stressy (and somewhat burned out) on Christmas sewing so I decided to finish a couple of "use up stash" projects I had kitted - very relaxing - I'm glad I took a little break! I still have a few Christmas gifts I'd like to get done but I still have days and days! Well, days, anyways, lol!

  5. I've actually finished my Christmas sewing so now I'm going to make something for me! That's an amazing feeling!

    Thanks for explaining about the AdBlocker blocking the links to your Etsy shop. I've now bookmarked it so I don't have to search for it any more. :o)

  6. oooh, lovely! The apron is gorgeous and I love that cross stitch cushion

  7. They yellow apron is pure happiness :-)!

  8. Love how you finished the Lizzie Kate cross stitch into a pillow. It turned out really pretty. :)