Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I just couldn't wait......

These are supposed to be for Christmas,
but clearly this -----> Nana can't wait.
I'm going to give them to the girls today.
(they don't know that Christmas is still weeks away, right?)
I found these darling long sleeved onesies
at Old Navy.
How could I not buy them?
Yes, they are green,
(not my first choice)
but it was the only color they came in.
And yes, the lettering is a strange salmon-y pink.
(not the easiest color to match)


as I was going through my stash of fabrics
I came across some Denise Schmidt fabric
with the EXACT same pink and green!!!!
Who knew that 
 when I squirreled away those fabrics
that one day 
they would be the perfect match????

I actually bought those DS fabrics 
at Joann's in the clearance section?

Win Win...right?


  1. oh now they need green tights and pink shoes and matching handbag! go Nana Go!

  2. ah nana, can't wait to see them in their little outfits.
    hey, how did you get your pic to look all framed like that?

  3. Cute... Cute... Cute!!!! I don't blame you for not wanting to wait. I wouldn't be able to wait either! :)

  4. Those are adorable and ditto what Amy said!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Nana loves her grandies! Lucky girls that Nana loves to sew (and shop, heehee!)- I hope you'll be able to post a picture of them in their finery!