Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm not usually a fan of purple....
or blue either for that matter.
But this fabric jumped out at me
on my last shopping trip.
I am a fan of paisley however, 
so maybe that had something to do with it?
since I sold all of my full aprons
I knew I needed to get busy and sew a few new ones.
This one is in my Etsy shop right now
and I'm working on another one.
Hopefully I'll get a few listed
in time for the last minute shoppers :)


  1. Love that fabric and what you did with it! I, too, am a fan of paisley.

  2. donny osmond would be proud.......it's his favorite color. or at least it was back in 1972 lol

  3. I love it! I would like to have a blouse or tunic out of those fabrics! very nice.

  4. Your apron is beautiful! I'm sure it will sell quick! I so wanted to stop by your boutique this last weekend, but life got in the way! Hope it was lots of fun and profitable too! If you have another, don't forget to mention it. Love to meet you some time, neighbor! ;)

  5. when fabric jumps out of you, you've got to catch it lol! I've got 3 prints waiting to be transformed into aprons & yet there's another calling my name! lol!

  6. Very pretty - love the purple :) Paisley is an OLD design, but looks modern and fresh - wikipedia has 2 entries about it - the town, and the design! I don't remember how I came across them but I thought they were pretty cool reading :D

  7. Beautiful! Sometimes purple can be overdone, and I think that it is in just the right amount here.