Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why don't she write?

If you've ever seen the movie "Dances with Wolves"
you'll remember the line where Kevin Costner and his guide
come across some settlers who have been killed by Indians
and the guide says "I'll bet there's someone back east 
wonderin'  Why Don't He Write?"
In our family we use movie quotes WAY too often!
But that line came to mind when I realized that
I haven't posted much on my blog lately.

Well as you can see, 
I've been spending some time with my grands.
Evie was helping me keep my thread organized :)
And I was working on the boutique last week
and now I'm working on another boutique
that will be this coming Sunday afternoon.

If you are in my neighborhood
stop on by!!!
It will be Sunday Dec 9th from 2:00 - 6:00 pm
at 3414 W. Glen Holly Drive Anaheim, CA 92804
Everyone who attends will receive a FREE GIFT!

Here's a few of the Christmas coaster sets
I'm working on.
I think they make a cute hostess gift :)

I'm also working on some Christmas gifties that I can't show just yet.
Hope you are all having a lovely December!!!


  1. aahhoooooo those are so cute...especially the half snowman ones

  2. I was thinking about you today, and wondered if you were busy doing Christmas sewing! Yes, apparently you were! Cute coasters - you always use such pretty fabrics :) I've been working on Christmas gifts too, and because of "themes" can't post most of them to my blog just yet. I have a post started with photos, but Blogger is acting Scroogey and keeps rearranging the text that is supposed to go with the photos, lol. I guess you get what you pay for ;)

  3. Thank you for my morning smile. I think your coasters are delightful and will be great gifts.

  4. Your coasters are beautiful. I have been absent from blogland lately, not for lack of words, but mainly for lack of time. I made it back yesterday rambling away. Today, I need to take some good pictures and get busy finishing up a few projects.

  5. I am 'sew' glad you are participating in the boutique this Sunday :-)! I look forward to see all of the cute stuff that you bring!

    Merry Christmas to Everyone!

  6. OK...I have to share. You make the best, easy to follow tutorials, so I decided to make the taggy toy for Baby Bear. Well let me tell you, my seam ripper and I became BFFs because I sewed over 25 ribbons in backward. How did that happen you may ask? Trust me I asked myself the same question when I turned the taggy inside out. Your instructions were clear and concise and you also provided PLENTY of photos.

    Boy howdy I tell you what I will ALWAYS read each step and go no further until I read the next step. It came out really nice once I followed the instructions :-)!