Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Hard to Say Goodbye........

There are fabrics in my stash that are so hard
to say "Goodbye" to.
These 2 aprons fall into that category......
I came across this adorable print
by Michael Miller.
It is out of print and I was super happy 
to find it.
I made an apron for my daughter last year 
and now I've used what was left.

I mean seriously...
how cute is the Cake Queen???????

Then there is my Robert Kaufman Metro Kitchen Chickens.
They just make me happy......
I'm down to my last yard or so in my stash.
But at this point I realize that I'm bordering
on becoming a hoarder.
I don't want to end up on that cable TV program
buried under piles of fabric,
so I have to part with some of my treasures.

Can you tell that I love me some
Ginormous rick rack????

I hope who ever buys these
loves them as much as I do :)


  1. You are so courageous to part with the fabrics that you love so much ;) I know the feeling and wondered if I was the only "silly" one. lol

  2. It's HARD to use up the last bits and pieces of favourite fabrics --- it's even hard to use up the last bits of NOT so favourites, I've found, lol. I wonder what they put in fabric to make it so addictive??!! :D

  3. Your aprons are great...using up beloved fabric is oh, so hard!!

  4. I know all about hoarding, can you say Ghastlies?
    Those aprons are fab....the ginormous rick rack really adds that little somethin.