Monday, December 10, 2012

*Whew* I made it........

I'm such a "last minute" girl.
I'm just really glad I managed to get these Sandy blocks done
and in today's mail before the deadline.
I've never used black as a border before
and I have to's pretty stinkin awesome!
We were told to use black or a dark color
to make the blocks "pop".
I wish I could see this quilt when it's finished,
but I don't think I will. that my project is done
I can get back to sewing some new aprons for my shop.
I picked up some fun fabrics this morning
at M & L (it the last day of their sale)
and it's time to get to cuttin!


  1. Awesome blossom blocks! I love the black border!

  2. the border really does make them pop

  3. WOW great minds (well at least your mind is great) think alike. I bought a black remnant and a navy blue remnant from M&L Sunday to use for the borders of my blocks. I was not sure which one was going to look right. I have a block and a half to finish and then I will mail them off. Your blocks look really bright and cheerful :-)!

  4. love the quilt blocks, congrats on the finishm the fabrics are going to make great aprons!