Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Flock of Owlies and My New BFF Mrs. Meyers :)

These little Owlies are on their way to my shop,
 actually 2 of them are already spoken for,
so I'm working on 2 more.
For me, the fun part is sewing on the eyes :)
It's like they take on a personality....I know....I'm weird.

And now on to something completely different:
Let me just say, that I do not receive any compensation from Mrs. Meyers.
This is not a commercial.
I'm just sharing something wonderful that I've recently discovered with you.
I am doing my best to replace all my personal hygiene items and household supplies with products that are free of harmful chemicals. I wanted to give Mrs. Meyers a try based on the great reviews I read on Vitacost.com. (which is where I order this from) She has 4 "aromatherapy" scents: Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Geranium and Basil. I first purchased the Lemon Verbena scrub to clean my kitchen sink.
Let me just say first of all that I do not enjoy scrubbing my sink.....that is until now! The smell just makes me soooo happy that I find myself cleaning the sink WAY more often! So with my recent order from Vitacost, I bought the Geranium laundry detergent. (I've been a Tide girl for years) It's safe for use in my HE machine and the smell is fantastic! When I opened the washer door to take out my clean clothes it was like breathing in pure joy! The clothes, even the hub's old white undershirts were so soft. I mean I could feel the difference after just one wash! I also gave the dish soap a run....and it's amazing too! Just a small amount washed all my pots & pans and it cuts grease like nobodies business! So now I can't wait for my dryer sheets to run out so I can buy the Geranium scented ones!  I've decided to use the Lemon Verbena scented products in the kitchen and the Geranium in the laundry and bathroom. My hubby laughed at the "aromatherapy", but let me tell you these things smell so great that they actually put me in a better mood! They do cost a bit more than what I've been using, for example I usually get 64 load Tide for about 10 or 11 bucks, and Mrs. Meyers is $13.00. The same goes for the rest of the products, and I know I can make my own laundry detergent (my lovely daughter-in-law does it) but I am totally hooked on the wonderful smells and the results!
I'm off to wash my bedsheets :) *sigh*


  1. Love the lemon verbena. Glad to see you can get that stuff cheaper than the store...it's 20 bucks for the laundry soap.
    I use ECOS for the washer lily magnolia
    all natural and I get 210 loads for 14.00 from costco.

  2. I love the smell of lemon. May have to check these out. Thanks for the info! And I'm glad that laundry now makes you happy!

  3. Thank you for the recommendation on the products. I also order from Vitacost..no other way to go!! So now I'll have to order these. I LOVE lemon verbena...

    I'm one NOT to buy until I read reviews thanks for yours.


  4. Love the owlies! So cute!
    Mrs. Meyers sounds great. I may have to give it a try.

  5. Love the Owlies! You're not weird for enjoying sewing on the eyes. It makes them come to life! :)

  6. Love the Owlies....so cute. I love Mrs Meyer's too. I use the lavender...it's great!