Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mug Rug Madness!

Up until recently, I had no idea what a mug rug was,
nor did I know how much I needed one!
My dear friend Regena made this one for me
and I can't imagine my life now without it!
It's a quilted little piece of goodness
that just makes me smile.
There's plenty of room for your favorite beverage
AND still room to spare for a little snack or two (or three:)
It's like a quilt you could carry around in your purse
if you wanted to. (Not that I would do that.....right?)
I can tell you right now that if you google "mug rug" you'll be amazed
at the creativity and you''ll want to make one too!

I made this pair with the blenders to match the apron I made for Denise.
We were in the Cool Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap together
and this fabric is so adorable that I wanted to make something fun
with the leftover pieces. She loved them and that makes me happy!

These little "quilts" are a bit addicting and I made this pair with the little toasters
on them for my shop. I have a feeling that there will be lots of these
given as gifts to my friends and family this year for Christmas :)


  1. me me me me me
    The toasters are adorable!!
    Especially the one with the yellow dot binding.
    I feel ya, I never heard of them until Amy was in a swap, now I must have them on every table where a glass might even remotely be set on it! lol

  2. Such a cute and easy idea. Makes me hit myself on the head thinking "why didn't I think of that"!!

  3. Very nice :-)! And it is a small project so I can practice my quilting skills. And I can never get enough practice on a straight stitch :-)! At least my straight stitching no longer looks like I am sewing by Braille (eyes closed) :-)! Keep of the main reasons I look at FB is to see if you have posted a blog entry :-)!

  4. Love your mug rugs. Check out this site.
    I just saw it the other day and want to try it.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. These are great! How big are they? I might need to try making these for holiday gifts at school. As always your fabric choices are fabulous!

  6. Hi Karen
    Super Mug Rugs. They are such fun to make. You may like to pop on over to my blog to see my easy peasy way to make them.

    Taupo New Zealand

  7. love, love, love my little Karen quilts! They were used with love this past week while we were in our trailer! Perfect for a morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail!