Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I may need an intervention.......

I went to M & L this morning just to get some seam binding.........

and then I heard this fabric calling out to me. Faintly at first, and then it just got louder and louder until I had no choice but to put it in my cart! At least I came home and made an apron right away....

It's not like I bought it for no reason....right?

Do I need a fabric intervention?

I think I might......

I'm going to make a promise to myself not to buy any fabric at all during the entire month of September.
I will only use fabric I already own and try to make a dent in my stash...... name is Karen....I'm a fabric-aholic.



  1. Hi, my name is Regena, and I'm a fabric-aholic.
    I'll stop if you stop!! :-)

  2. My name is Cherise, and I'm a fabric-aholic!

    That's the temptation we all try to fight when we enter a fabric store for something other than fabric. I know I've never been able to walk out without fabric. :)

    I think we should start a group... not to battle the 'disease' but to feed it in the most economical ways. Also to support each other so we don't feel so alone as we deal with this addiction. :)

  3. Hi,my name is CeLynn,and I am a Fabric~Aholic :)
    Love your way cute aprons! If I can go a whole month without buying fabric you can too! July was my No fabric buying month. I am thinking that I will only buy fabric in September for my swaps,and then only if I don't have something in my stash that will work :)
    We Can Do It! Yes We Can! :)

  4. Oh dear, I have to delete online fabric store newsletters because if I 'screen window-shop' my finger becomes twitchy and I click 'place in cart' so many times I can almost hear the bank account screaming as it is suffocated by online payments! I do try to avoid the local fabric shop lately, unless it has a 'Sale' banner in the window.
    You have made some lovely aprons from your addiction though :). Lol, maybe you need earmuffs so you can't hear the fabric calling??

  5. I think we're all fabric-aholics. We can't help ourselves! I can't tell you how many pieces of fabric I have that I've already picked the perfect project for it, but just don't have the time to sew them all. Of course you should get bonus points for making an apron and using the fabric you bought. I run a good 3 to 6 months (or more) behind on my projects.
    I love the red and white dots and strawberry apron, so sweet!

  6. Karen I totally know what you mean. I had to stop buying fabric because I had no place to put it and I did not want to drive Reginald out of our bedroom :-).

    I love the feel, the colors and patterns of the various fabrics. I think that I am a fabric junky too (sighing dramatically)...

  7. Yeah I told myself I was going to stop buying fabric too until I saw a quilt pattern I just had to have for the two charm packs I already had... but being afraid I wouldn't have enough fabric to finish this pattern, I bought ANOTHER charm pack, plus a few FQs, and fabric for the binding of this quilt (which is at least 3rd or 4th on my list of quilts btw). So yeah, I am right there with you. At least I don't get much trouble from hubby, unless my fabric starts to spill out all over the place, then he usually comments.

  8. you had me at orange gingham...i think i'll do the same challenge. i need to sew not buy for a while.

  9. I get sucked into the remnant bin at Jo-anns ever time I walk in the door. I am getting better though. I find the ones I like the best and then go see if they are on sale or not because it is 50% off the current price so if it is on sale further all the better.

  10. I like on line shopping for fabrics if I know the manufacturer. Like getting those nice little packages in the mail. I buy fabrics for a project and don't buy just to build my stase. I find that fabric don't age well and there is always something new out there to take it's place. I have tried so hard to use up all lot of my stash fabrics from 5 yrs ago for charity projects but it never seems to make a dent. I think the "fabri faries" come in the night and bring more.

  11. I guess I'd say with your amazing ability of taking a piece of fabric and whipping it up into beautiful aprons and bags and whatnot, don't be squelching your buying impulse. (From one addict to another)

  12. Where's the meeting? I'll need you to save me a seat too!