Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adorable-ness Overload

Have you ever noticed that when something is really really cute (like a puppy or a baby)
your voice goes up an octive when you say
"oh my cute!"???
Well that's exactly how I feel about this adorable little messenger bag!
Every time I talk about it my voice gets higher :)
It's a scaled down version of a large messenger bag and I made it using another awesome pattern by Keyka Lou :)

On the interior there is a large pocket, divided into 3 smaller ones, perfect for my cel phone and a pen  and maybe a few organic lolly pops for good little grandchildren :)

The backside has a large pocket with a velcro closure
to keep it secure.

There are elasticized pockets on both sides of the bag perfect for my keys on one side and Spry chewing gum on the other side that I MUST always have on hand for my 2 oldest grandsons.
(the first thing out of their mouths when they see me is
"NANA!!!!...(pause).... did you bring us any gum?")

On the frontside there is another full sized pocket that is completely covered by the flap so there is no need for velcro here.

At first glance, I though it might be a bit small, but once I put all my stuff in it I realized it's just perfection! Don't get me wrong....I luvs me a big 'ol bag, but in my day to day life I enjoy carrying a smaller purse. I still have my large tote bags for outings with the kids or shopping :) I've noticed that the bigger my purse is, the more junk I tend to stuff in it. So I've recently been carrying smaller handbags.
This pattern may look involved but Keyka Lou did a wonderful job of breaking it down step by step and using lots of photographs to make it a pleasant sewing experience. This project was definately FTS (fun to sew) and I'm already thinking about which fabrics to use next time around!


  1. What a great bag!!

    Every time I see these patterns made up they're always so gorgeous. I'm steadily coming to realise I'll just have to get my purse out and buy me one of every pattern! This bag looks gorgeous, you've done a great job on it xx

  2. Sooooo cute! I love it. I want it. :o)

  3. Very cute bag & fabric! I've been using a small purse for years now. It's so handy and I really don't miss carrying all that extra stuff. Have a Nice Day! :)

  4. nice almost makes me want to not use my basket....almost!!

  5. Well this was me when I went to your etsy and saw the other CUTE owlies...I was making sounds and my dog looked at what is so exciting!

    Wonderful bag!

  6. Love it! And love that fabric print too! What is the sewing print?

  7. What a fun little bag. Love the fabric you choose.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  8. Super cute,am going to have to try out one of her patterns soon :)

  9. Stink, that's sweet! And I do love me a good Keyka Lou pattern... my newest obsession is the dumpling. Have you seen it? She's offered a free tutorial on her blog. Sew fun!

  10. Very cute! I like the idea of a sized down messenger bag.

  11. What a cute messenger bag! I love all of the pockets for organizing and the materials are so pretty. You did a great job!

    Id love for you to link this up to my new diy fashion linky party called DIY Diva Thursdays. It's open until Monday :)


  12. I love this project. You have some really great ideas on your blog. I'd love if you would share some of them at my link party this weekend. Hope you can make it!

  13. That is so darling (can you hear my voice going higher!) Really so fun, I love the bright fun colors and the compartments! Thanks for showing off!


  14. Your bag looks fabulous! Love that bright flap.

    I'm glad you found this FTS (that is my favorite sewing acronym now)! Can't wait to see the next one.