Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "Wonky" Factor.......

This is an apron I'm working on and I was pretty careful when
I cut out the blender fabric to keep everything lined up.......
at least I thought I was!
 *ugh* I cut it "wonky" and now I have to take this apart and get more fabric.
I know I"ll find something else to do with this piece.
I guess this is why my seam ripper and I are such close friends :)

I did manage to sew the final of my 3 personal grocery bags this morning before breakfast :)
(gosh....that makes me sound a bit crazy to sew before I even eat breakfast!)

And yesterday I made these fun pillow covers for
 Brandon & April's new home.
I used an envelope opening on the backside with velcro strips to hold it closed so she can wash them when she needs to . The fabric in the background will be used for the other 2 pillow covers I hope to finish today. They are larger square pillows. These will look really cute on their brown leather couches.


  1. I love wonky cutting...makes for good scrap projects later! lol

    Those pillows are great, and no you're not crazy to sew before you eat breakfast. I do it all the time! (Does that make you feel any better?) Have a great wednesday!

  2. I really like the sunflower pattern on the bag! :)

  3. you can send it to me all'll match my body!!
    And I know why you haven't had have to eat all healthy and stuff.....:-)

  4. Wonky or not it's still cute! The pillows and bag turned out great.

  5. Arghh...I hate it when that happens! Sometimes my seam ripper is never far from my reach! Love the fabric combo on the apron though, it would have looked fab!

  6. Love the color/fabric combo for that apron,maybe you could make a smaller apron instead. Like a child size maybe?
    Very cute pillow covers,and your last grocery bag is to fab!

  7. Love all your shopping bags. I would take the apron the way it is.
    The seam ripper and me get along too well.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  8. I hate it when that happens! My seam ripper and I are best buddies! lol! :) Maybe there are more mug rugs in your future. Love the pillows and the grocery bag! If you don't mind me asking what pattern did you use for the pillows? Have a great evening! :)

  9. I love your wonky apron! The colors are soooo fun!