Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever started a project when you were tired and cranky
 and you just kept making mistake after mistake?
 No?......just me then :)
Well that's what happened to me yesterday with this apron.
I ended up cutting the fabric wrong so many times that it ended up
being this patchwork extravaganza.

I used to watch a show on TV where neighbors would each get a designer to help them
and then switch homes for the weekend and re-do each other's rooms.
One of my favorite designers was Frank.
He is 1/2 of the husband wife team that designs Mosey 'n Me cross-stitch designs.
At least once in every episode of the show,
someone would freak out 
and say that they messed something up.
And Frank would smile and tell them in his cute Southern accent:
"There are no mistakes in art.
Just opportunities for embellishment!"
Those have become my words to live by!!!!
So with this apron I had LOTS of opportunities!
I'm listing it today in my shop. Hopefully there is someone out there who will love it :) 

I also finished the binding on this table topper.
I love this fabric but it doesn't go with my decor
so it's for sale in my shop too.

Well, today is a brand new day....
with brand new opportunities for embellishment :)


  1. Frank!!!! I loved Frank!!
    I miss that show.
    Great job ''making it work''

  2. Oh yes, have had many projects like that too! Now I just say no to sewing projects when I feel myself getting cranky or hungry or whatever! Loved that show "Trading Spaces." Remember Hilda and her crazy designs (hay on walls???) Frank was my favorite too, though, love that Southern charm of his!

  3. productive day! and the Orange apron is adorable!

  4. I think the apron is adorable and looks like it was designed to be patchwork. If you hadn't said anything no one would ever had known. By the way I mess projects up all the time!

  5. I never would have been able to tell that you didn't plan for the apron to be that way. It looks awesome. And I sew when I'm cranky too...and end up making all kinds of mistakes. And that table topper is cute! :-)

  6. LOL! Its a good thing that I wasn't having my cup of joe,or it would have been all over the computer screen!
    That is me every day (the mistake part) and sometimes the cranky part too :)
    Have a super day Karen :)

  7. Ahhh Trading Spaces. Loved that show. Frank was my favorite too, but I didn't always like what he designed. Just liked him personally. :) I love your apron, so bright and cheery! And no one will know what mistakes were made except you. :)

  8. Your apron is so cute - I love the toaster fabric!