Monday, August 8, 2011

A little of this, a little of that :)

This is our beautiful little Evie at 1 month old. How did that happen? My daughter will be taking Evie's picture every month for the first year, wearing those cute onesie stitckers that I bought for her on etsy. At the end of her first year it will be fun to see how she's grown and changed from month to month. She will take the photos on her new quilt and with her little fairy doll for scale. What a fun scrapbook page that will be!

I also added a few things to the etsy shop today. Some pacifier leashes and bags and another zipper bag.
I'm planning of sewing this week and adding some more aprons as well.

And yesterday was my gorgeous hubby's 52nd birthday!

The older grandsons helped him blow out his candles.

My lovely daughter with Evie. My mom made them matching outfits :)

The beautiful Sofie! (Her quilt should be done this week!!!)

Papa and the 3 of the g-boys!

Papa and all the g-boys!
Lunch after church :)

Our oldest, with his oldest :)

A little bit of after lunch "down time" :)

And this picture just makes me happy!
Having the 2 new little girls in the family
adds a whole new dimension and the fact that they are only
2 months apart is such a gift :)

I am truely blessed :)


  1. *sniff* the whole family is just beautiful. You do such good work! (and I don't mean sewing this time) :D

  2. what Amy said! maybe even a tiny *sniff* too

  3. Awwww... so very cute. Love your new items!

  4. You and Jose have a super wonderful family. Tell Jose Happy Birthday! It was a pleasure to meet him.

  5. The leashes and matching bags are so sweet! Good job!

  6. Great family pictures! I love that Evie is having her picture taken on her Nana made quilt each month. I can't believe she's a month old already!

  7. How time flies! You have a lovely family there :)
    Super cute new items for the shop too! "Sniff"

  8. Karen, what a beautiful family you have, and so lucky to have them all close by. I am missing my Gracie, it feels like they live on the other side of the world sometimes:(..Sofia and Evie are so beautiful..thank you for sharing!


  9. Yes you are truly blessed; but you are also a blessing :-)!