Saturday, January 7, 2012

The heat is on!

This year for Christmas Eve,
 for 15 people in my large slow cooker.
It was a hit with the family and chili is going to be
our new "tradition" for Christmas Eve.
I wanted to make a large "hot pad" to protect my table
from the heat of the slow cooker.
I had some red and green modern prints left over
from the Christmas Charm swap I was in
and I had planned on simply placing the 5" squares
next to each other and sashing around them....
boring...I know.
Then when I was on the flickr group
 looking at all the cool pictures you guys posted,
I came across the 12 Days of Christmas
made by  "Simonedk"
and she was kind enough to post the link to the pattern!

It's such a cool idea!
Every block has the same number as the 12 days of Christmas
beginning with 1 piece and ending with a 12 piece block!
So here is my version of a very large hot pad!
I used Insul-brite for the batting
and simple muslin for the backing.
I like the way the stitching shows the details of the blocks.

Don't look too closely at the "wonky factor" of my little blocks.
It's far from a masterpiece, but that's good because
I won't feel bad if someone spills Chili on it next Christmas Eve :)

And you're probably thinking.....
that's great and all....
but who won this week's prize!!!!

The lucky lady is Homeheart!

Please email me with your name and address!
You can find the link to my email if you click on my name
on the upper left hand side of the page.


  1. congrats! Look forward to seeing more of everyone's projects.

  2. The hot pad is great and can be part of the chili tradition too. I love it.

  3. Oh Karen - that is so cute - the prettiest hotpad I've ever seen :)!! Love your blog - so many pretty things to see, here!!

  4. LOVE your version! I'm glad I added the link. I still have to finish my tops.
    Congrats to the winner (o:

  5. that is so cool!!!
    See, I never
    Congrats winner...I ♥ the coasters!

  6. Love it! I started the 12 Days quilt yesterday and hope to sneak in a little time today to finish it off. Great little project!

  7. ¡¡ Qué suerte !! Mi enhorabuena a la ganadora, y ahora...por la 2 semana y esperar suerte.

  8. the week went by so fast I forgot to finish my aprons! LOL look out next week , here I come! LOL! love the heat pad!

  9. Congrats Homehart! =)

  10. Great job Karen and congratulations Homeheart :-)!

  11. Gorgeous hotpad, and congratulations Homeheart!

  12. The hot pad is pretty and pumpkin black bean chili sounds great!