Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bit of Hot Cross goodness :)

I finally finished the Hot Cross quilt from the
Schnibbles Times Two book by Carrie Nelson!
So many cute patterns that I still plan to make :)
I've definitely had to embrace the imperfection
of my quilting skills and just enjoy the ride!

I know I said that I wouldn't be machine quilting
any more quilts, but this one actually wasn't that bad.
And I'm such a lucky girl that my buddy Amy
just happened to have some of the Hideaway fabric
that she wasn't planning on using and she gave it to me!
Thanks Amy!!!!
It worked out perfectly for the backing!
I just added a few of the leftover layer cake squares
to make a color blocked backing. 
All the colorful gingham prints is what really made me fall in love
with Hideaway by Moda.
I also love all the fun prints.
Just look at these little houses in the Alps!
It's hard to see but there are tiny people on there too!
Makes me think of Germany and my family there :)
And how adorable are these teenie tiny deer?
I mean seriously????

Now it's time for a bit of cross stitchin! 


  1. Great job! I didn't realize you used that much gingham until you showed a close!

  2. Very nice :-)! You have gone quilting crazy :-)!

  3. I love these fabrics. The quilt looks amazing

  4. Wow! Turned out beautiful! Great job Karen.

  5. wow! it turned out so awesome! so glad the fabric worked out!

  6. Wow! You're on a roll! Great job! Enjoying the ride is what it's all about, isn't it?!!! The quilt looks beautiful and perfect! It can't get any better than this! Enjoy! :)

  7. What a gorgeous quilt Karen, I love all those fabrics you used.. those little deer are so sweet!

  8. ¡¡Maravilloso!!
    Los colores son de lo más bonito.

  9. love it! you're on a good roll, I was on one with the pinic quilt lol the more I look at it the more I want it to go a different direction lol!