Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm back in the saddle!

Seems like forever since I sat down
at my machine to sew.......
Sometimes after I finish a big project
(like my aunt's quilt)
I feel like I need a break from sewing.
Luckily I have my cross stitch
and embroidery to keep me busy :)
Today I made these 2 little peasant dresses
for Sofie and Evie.
They are pretty quick to make,
about an hour each.

And I learned a new technique today.
I've never used elastic thread
in my bobbin to gather before.
I don't love the process...
but I do love the look!
I used SweetBaby3 "Ferry Top" pattern
that I bought on etsy.
It's awesome that you get sizes 3m to 5 yrs!
Can't wait to see my little beauties
in their new summer dresses!


  1. half an hour? You and your magic sewing room where time stands still until you're done!
    FYI....a-dor-a ble!

  2. I recently saw a project that used elastic thread and wondered about it. Maybe I'll have to have a go at it....your little dresses turned out lovely!

  3. Adorable dresses! I've never tried the elastic thread, either, but might have to give it a go if the right project comes along.

  4. Cute dresses for sure!! Love them. :o)

  5. Welcome back to sewing! I love the dresses! They're sooooo cute!!! I want one! :)

  6. heel mooi, prachtig

  7. Very nice :-)! Miss Sophia and Miss Evie will look totally adorable in these. You are a terrific Nana :-)♥!

  8. adorable! can't wait to see the girls in them.