Friday, April 6, 2012

Garden Steps Block #3.....done!

I was super excited yesterday when I saw
that the pattern for block #3
was available over at Clover & Violet!
I should actually be working on the hand quilting
of my Aunt's quilt.......

I just couldn't wait to get started on this :)

I used a back stitch for the wording,
split stitch for the flower petals
and a chain stitch around the center of the flower.
I made the flower petals a bit shorter
than the original pattern to leave room for the wording.
I realize that one of the things I love most
about my new obsession (quilting) is that no
two quilts are ever the same.
Even when you use the same pattern.
Everyone adds their own "flavor"
and that's what makes them all so wonderful!
And no matter what your skill level
or what you think your abilities are,
you can create a work of art that is uniquely you!
I remember when I used to scrapbook all the time,
so many women would complain about their handwriting.
Their own handwriting is exactly why those
scrapbooks will be cherished by the next generations.
I'd rather see my grandmother's own handwriting than
some computer generated "perfect" font any day!
It's the "uniqueness" that make quilts so beautiful :)


  1. So far this one is my least until the next one!
    You have mad embroidery skills.....teach me obi wan

  2. I love love LOVE the embroidery! Such pretty colors, too. :-)

  3. Amazing. I love it, the colors, the stitching, everything!

  4. All your blocks turned out so pretty!

  5. I totally agree with all of the other comments. Especially Reggie's (Regena; I think of her as Reggie in my head). You totally have mad skills. Your creations are 'sew' beautiful and your encouraging words are so motivating that I am taking the leap into the quilting world. Keep sharing :-)!

  6. Great job Karen! It looks wonderful! Now get back to that quilt... jk! ;)

  7. Oh my gosh--gorgeous!! I love the way you've personalized the blocks with your extra touches. Happy Easter!

  8. You have your own way of making your creation unique...I love the wording "flavor" that you add to your blocks!!

  9. I agree with Regena - this one is my favorite too - until the next one! great job.

  10. Wow Karen, I love all your very cute handywork! I haven't posted on my blog in awhile, and thought I should check out what my past "Friends in Swapping" had been up to! Those kleenex holders from your Etsy shop were a Total hit at my Daughter-in-Love's Baby Shower. Love the quilt squares you are making...Hugs