Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello Agent P

I finished making the 4 Perry the Platypus (Agent P)
for my 4 grandsons just in time for Easter :)
Other than searing my flesh (repeatedly) with the hot glue gun,
this was a fun little project :)
According to the pattern directions
the entire project is glued together
but I want these little guys to last longer than a day
so I used wool felt and stitched them together instead.
I only used the glue gun
 to attach the pipe cleaners
and glue the hats on.

If you are planning on making a Perry of your own
I would suggest that you attatch the eyes and beaks
before you assemble the body.
It's so much easier to work with that way.
I can never understand why patterns
have you add the details after stuffing.
I also added heavy duty interfacing
to the tail to help Perry stand up.
I ended up tacking the tale to the body
with a few stitches as well
or the poor guy just kept falling over.

In case you missed it yesterday
the link to the free pattern is HERE.

Looks like I'll be making one more of these....
turns out the hubby wants one too :)


  1. two more, just sayin............

  2. What a cute gang! They'll love them, I'm sure.
    Happy Easter.

  3. those are the cutest little things! great job, I prefer sewing to the glue gun on a lot of projects too, old habits are just hard to break I guess, lol!

  4. You are such a cool Nana :-)!

  5. Haha, I love watching the show now and then! Lucky grandsons! :)

  6. Oh these are great! What a great Easter gift!

  7. These are adorable! I love Perry the Platypus! The whole show is hysterical to me! Well done, these Perry's look great!!!