Monday, April 9, 2012


Has anyone seen the movie "Up"?
I crack up when the dogs are talking and then suddenly
mid sentence they say "squirrel"!
It's like they can't keep their focus on what they were doing
because a squirrel runs by.
That's how I feel with sewing and stitching.
I'll be working on a project and then I'll stumble across
something beautiful that catches my attention
and before you know it I'm spending hours
on the internet trying to find the pattern
or the shop that carries the pattern I need
to make whatever beautiful thing I've just seen.
And the whole time
 I have other projects to finish!
Case in point -

I found these 3 awesome blogs:

Talk about eye candy!
Between reading the blogs
and trying to find the patterns
I spent HOURS online!
Why are there SO many fantastic stitchery
and cross stitch designers in Europe?
I finally found the french cross stitch magazine
that I wanted, but they went out of business
and all the back issues were purchased
by a Japanese company.
It would cost 24.00 per issue to get them
and I want them all......all 71 issues! Ha :)
So in the meantime I was happy
to find some great free patterns
in the "freebies" section at Steekjes & Kruisjes blog.
Her blog is written in Dutch and English.
I had to make this cute little bird with the cherries!
You can find the free pattern HERE.
But just like the dogs in the movie....
I am currently working on a flag pattern
and was distracted :) 
The next photo shows how my mind actually works :)
I really need to learn to finish one project
before starting a new one!

There has got to be a 12 step program
of some kind to help me....... 


  1. I totally feel your pain :-)! We should seek help, but why...we are having 'sew' much fun creating beautiful things that will create cherished memories. I have at least 6 projects that I am working on and I intend to finish every single one...eventually :-)!

    I love your cross stitching :-)!

  2. you are too funny! I get the squirrel comment myself. hahaha
    Nive work there, oh nimble fingered one

  3. I think every crafter, sewista, quilter in America has the "squirrel" complex!
    Pretty little pictures you're working on too!

  4. Hi Karen, thank you for posting my link on your blog. You talk about my blog but yours is a real eye catcher for all those people who love colours, stitching, sewing and crafting!
    Hope you don't mind, I added myself to your list of followers :-)
    Love your project of the squirrel, reminds me of patters by "Jeremiah Junction" these are also fun to stitch but with backstitches.
    I know looking for the right project equals spending hours on the internet. There's so much to catches "the eye".
    Have yourself a wonderful time with your cross stitching project, because I like to see the result!
    Huggs from Belgium,
    Miss T.

  5. Thank you to the link of the Dutch website. Such loveliness!