Friday, April 13, 2012

Am I the only one??????

I've come to the shocking realization
that I don't have as much fun finishing a project
as I do working on the project.
I wonder why that is?
I also enjoy (probably too much)
shopping for supplies for different projects.
I can spend hours online
making wish lists for patterns, fabrics, etc.
It would probably take the rest of my life
just to do all the patterns I already own.
What's up with that?
Right now I have 13 completed
cross stitch projects
and 4 quilt tops just waiting to
be sandwiched and hand quilted.
Anyone else have this problem
or just me?
"Garden Welcome" by Imaginating
"Laughter" by Mosey "N Me
"Bee Line" by Sam Sarah Design Studio

"Happily Ever After" by Glory Bee
"Barns & Quilts" by Jeremiah Junction (Cross Country Stitching Magazine June 2005)

"Cleaning the House" by Lizzie Kate
"English Tea Box" by Jeremiah Junction (Cross Country Stitching Magazine June 2005)

"Blessings Abound" by Bent Creek
"The Pumpkin Flower Sampler" by Bent Creek
"Gather a Harvest of Love" by Lizzie Kate

"Waiting for Santa" snowman by Bent Creek
"Snowman in the Window" by Designs for the Needle
"And the Stockings Were Hung" by Just Cross Stitch Magazine Dec.2001


  1. Wasn't it quilters who invented the terms "WIP" and "UFO"? ;)

  2. Such happy little cross stitches! I love the barns and quilt and the laughter with the birds.

  3. Your cross stitching is wonderful. So many lovely projects.Love the English Tea Box.

  4. I totally get what you're saying....the joy of the 'hunt' as it were. the planning, the dreaming.....why kill the dream with a finished product? you ARE soooo not alone!

  5. Mmmm let's see I have 11 quilts waiting to be quilted another 4 that just need the binding attatched and about 19 more needing backing/binding fabric so they can be quilted, now don't let get me started on the other crafts I do or I'll be here all day no you're not the only one :) Barb.

  6. I have enough patterns to last me 10 life times. Love the Garden Welcome and all the others.
    Your quilt that is going off to Germany turned out lovely.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. Karen, I love your finished projects! They are beautiful and so much colour!
    If you're a crafter I guess everyone shares the same feeling. I spend a lot of time searching for ideas and fabric and supplies to finish my projects. And for the moment I have been working on a cross stitch pattern that I normally finish off in 2 or 3 days but now it takes my 2 weeks because I'm so bussy with other things.
    So no, you're not the only one with those feelings!
    Keep up the nice work :-)
    Miss t. x

  8. You're not the only one. In fact I stitched a great chart by Cross-Eyed Cricket that says "Why is it when I'm halfway through that creative joys diminish? It's much more fun to start a piece than it ever is to finish." Of course, while the stitching is done, the finishing is not.....

  9. LOVE seeing all those completed stitches~~ Wow!! Now, you know I just LOVE finishing smaller items....just sayin'..... Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog....Betsy was such a fun fun stitch! Always, Faye carolinastitcher

  10. maybe UFO's (unfinished projects) give us a reason to be in the sewing room lOl! I said I'd not go into 2012 with any & was on a good roll finishing them up & now I tink not only did some follow me into 2012 but there's new ones poping up everywhere LOL!& we wont even talk about fabric, I just can't leave it there when it's crying to go home with me LOL!

  11. That's me too. I have a cross stitch that I finished when I was about 10 but I never made it in to anything. I have a myriad of started projects stashed around the place!!