Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It only took 40 years to finish!

It's amazing to think that these 3 little pieces of linen
that started this whole quilt
were in a box with my embroidery floss for over 40 years.
My Oma Luise was here in California visiting us
and taught me to embroider on them.
To find out more about the story of this quilt
you can read about it here and here.
For now let me just say
that I am soooooo happy it is done
in time for my Mom to take it to Germany
with her next week!
The 3 embroideries represent
my cousins, Maika, Norma and Sonny :)
I hope my aunt feels all the love
that went into this
and the fact that my Oma (her mother)
actually stitched a part of this makes it so much more special!

You may be wondering why my German aunt
is called Tia Helene?????

well that's because my hunky Cuban hubby called her that
when we visited them 16 years ago in Germany
and she loved it and it stuck :)
Latin men.....they have a way about them!
Pretty much anything said in spanish
sounds romantic!!!


  1. That turned out so great!
    She is gonna flip with joy!!
    Good job!!

  2. Beautiful. My mom was from Germany and she collected the little Hummel Figurines for years. I am sure your quilt will be treasured for many years :)

  3. Now that's what I call finishing what you started! lol! ;) The quilt turned out beautiful Karen! I'm absolutely sure she'll love it! Too bad you can't be there to give it to her in person.

  4. Oh Karen, this is so pretty! LOVE the stitcheries and the colors!

  5. Congrats Karen, your quilt is amazing. Love the stitching on the blocks. Tia Helena will be very happy with it.

  6. You totally outdid yourself :-)! She will feel the love and warmth that went into making this special gift because I can feel it just looking at the photos. Great job :-)!

  7. So, so, so beautiful and what a lovely gift with an equally lovely story. I'm sure there will be more than a few tears shed when your gift is opened!

  8. Karen, it is gorgeous. I'm sure it will make her heart smile:-)

  9. Thanks for sharing the story of this quilt, Karen. How gorgeous it lis, I'm sure Tia Helena will treasure it :)

  10. This is really pretty. 40 years is never to late to make a great quilt. I really like how you incorporated pictures of your family. I featured this on my blog: http://koolbeenz-blog.blogspot.com/2012/04/featured-quilter-sew-much-2-luv.html

    Feel free to grab my featured button if you like.


  11. What a work of LOVE ♥ The colors and prints you chose really complement the embroideries. I love the label! You are so talented!!!