Friday, June 29, 2012

The antidote for what ails me :)

You know what always makes me feel better when
I'm having a bad day?
Yesterday my head felt like it was going to explode
and I was sure that my left eye was going
to shoot out across the room.....
And then the mailman brought me 
2 wonderful packages!
This first package is from Crazy Annie's Stitchin.
It's the shop I've mentioned before
that sells new stitching supplies
up to 50% off.
And she was having one of her many sales
and I got all this cool stuff for an additional 35% off!
Yep...that's 85% off!
(She's actually got a new sale starting today 
so hop on over there and sign up for her newsletter
to get the coupon codes)
AND... she included freebies!
Look what she sent me!
There is hand dyed linen,
over dyed floss,
charms and buttons,
and even a cute shopping list pad!

Look at those cute charms and buttons!
How did she know that my favorite things
are hearts, sunflowers and pumpkins?

And if all that goodness wasn't enough
 to put a huge smile on my face,
I also received my order 
from The Cross I Bare on etsy.
It's a shop that sells new or gently used 
cross stitch charts for great prices.
And she always includes
 a couple of free charts as well :)

If you've been around here long enough
you know that I try to NEVER pay full price for anything!
I do love me a great sale!
Happy stitching everyone!!!


  1. girl, you are cross stitch crazy lately. What are you going to do with all of it once it's finished!
    And I agree, fun mail can brighten any day!!

  2. Hi Karen....glad you enjoyed your package from us and liked the freebies. I did not know that heart, sunflowers and pumpkins were your favorites. Good guess on my part. On the little kit that came in your freebie pkg...had the linen and fibers called With My Needle or something like that...I did send you the FREE chart to go with it also didn't I. Just making sure. If not, contact me and I will mail it to you. I did forget on a couple of pkgs to include the chart so the kit would be useful. was having a moment I guess. Glad you enjoyed your stuff and hope you can check out our current sale ! have a great 4th of July Weekend !

  3. Definitely a fun mail day for you! I love it all! The freebies are the best and so is Annie's!!! Have fun with it all! :)