Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Royal Treatment :)

 Once upon a time
there were 2 tiny flower fairy Princesses.
Their wish for their birthday was
to have the most magical celebration
in all the land!
So their Nana went to work 
making them special crowns and dresses 
for the occasion :)

For the crowns I used the pattern 
"Queen of the Party" by The Quilted Fish.
I wouldn't call it FTS (fun to sew)
but I do love the outcome.
I had to really read and re-read
the pattern several times before
I understood how it all comes together.
I think it's definitely worth the work.
It says it fit's size child through adult
and since I was making these for babies
I used my copier
to shrink the pattern to 85%.
 As I mentioned yesterday
the pattern I bought for the dresses and tutu's
is for a "costume" and not a real dress.
 I wanted something that would last 
for playing dress up later :)
The pattern calls for using knit Jersey
and cutting it into petal shapes
and just leaving it alone.
If you've ever used knit Jersey before
and tried to get it lay flat in petals 
(or anything else for that matter)
you know that will NEVER happen!
It's curls up like crazy!
So I made up my own pattern and came up
with a fully lined petal shaped skirt 
attached to a knit Jersey top to form a dress.
I want it to "sit" on top of the tutu's like flower petals.
I'll be fitting the girls today
and if the dresses fit
I'll bring them home and "bling" them out
to match the crowns.
All I have left to do now is
make the fairy wings :)

Oh.....and all the young knights in the land
will get haircuts today too :)

Have I mentioned that I love being a Nana?


  1. too much preciousness in one place...just sayin'

  2. OMGoodness those are absolutely adorable!

  3. what they stuff and a half! I have some tips for wing making if you need them

  4. Lovely princess must be one of the best nana's in the world!

  5. They turned out totally adorable! Great job Nana! Can't wait to see the girls modeling them! :)