Friday, June 22, 2012

Floral fun and Fairy wings :)

 OK.....I promise,
this will be the last time you have to hear about
the fairy princess dresses.

OK....maybe not the last time.....

Tomorrow is the big birthday party
so most likely you'll see pics on Monday
of the girls in their dresses :)
As you can see,
I've been adding flowers to anything
that will stay still long enough :)
And more rhinestones......of course :)

I finished the fairy wings this afternoon.
The glue on the flowers needs to dry overnight.
I can't wait to see my little princesses
fluttering around tomorrow
in their full girly goodness!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Those wings are super cute! The dresses look great, too. Fantastic job on them all...

  2. These are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!

  3. 'Sew' cute and total sweetness :-)! Nana you totally ROCK :-)!