Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I just HAVE to share :)

I just can't help myself.
I have to share these amazing pictures 
of my beautiful grandchildren!
Miss Sofia just celebrated her 1st birthday in May
and Miss Evie will be a year old in July.
In honor of their 1st birthdays
they each had special photo shoots :)
Are they not gorgeous?
I know that everyone thinks their grandchildren 
are the cutest.....
but mine really are! ha :)
(yes...I am a bit biased)

Here is Miss Sofie and her 3 big brothers :)

And here is Miss Evie and her big brother :)

If you live Southern California and are looking for
an amazing photographer
to take family, baby, pregnancy or birth photos
Julie does amazing work (as you can see :)
And these pics were re-posted from my facebook page.
The originals are even more amazing!

Ok...now that I am done "gushing"
I need to get busy making their garden fairy princess dresses
for their upcoming double birthday party!
Today it's just me and 20 yards of tulle :)


  1. yep, pics still cute! Have fun with tulle, it's very forgiving to work with

  2. Yes, your grandchildren are adorable :-) ♥!

    I wish they made the fairy dress pattern in my size.