Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally Friday!!!!

I'm so excited that it's Friday!
On Friday nights the men in the family
head outside to smoke cigars and have their "guy time".
Which means I have the entire evening to sew, stitch or craft
to my hearts' content!
We used to call it the Scrap n' Smoke
because my daughter and daughter-in-law and I
 used to scrapbook together on Friday nights, 
but the addition of new babies to the family
means I'm on my own these days.
So tonight is the Friday Night Sew In
and I'll be working on some kitchen curtains
for my daughter in law.
She chose these fabrics by Sweetwater 
from their "Make Life" collection.
This is the first time I'll be joining in on this.
Here's what I'll be working on.
I have a new found love of patriotic designs.
I'm also working on a different patriotic piece right now
but it's for a secret swap so I can't show photos just yet.

I have some fun little projects finished 
that I made for the guys for Father's Day
as well as my Annual Father's Day Card for my hubby.
But I'll have to wait until Monday to show you those photos.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. Love the Make Life collection and can't wait to see the finished curtains. Cant wait to see all your finished things actually!

  2. Can't wait to see the curtains! I'm sure they'll look fabulous! I hope you got a lot accomplished tonight. I absolutely LOVE that design you're stitching right now!!! I've been looking at that one. It's really beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished! Can't wait to see the Father's day stuff either! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I forgot to sign up but I was up all night sewing dresses dresses with a friend for her to wear on vacation this week lol,love the fabrics,can't wait to see the results

  4. I love your sassy cheetah ginghers! Of course I may be biased since I have the same pair and they are my most favorite, ever. ;-)

  5. Visiting from FNSI .... Gorgeous fabrics chosen! and I love the cs you are doing too. Such beautiful stitching.