Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Pattern by any other name......

I'm not sure if any of you noticed,
but I no longer have the " link botton" 
for Keyka Lou bag patterns
on the right-hand side of my blog page?
Turns out the lovely and oh-so-talented Michelle 
has changed the name of her company
 from Keyka Lou to Michelle Patterns.
Hence, the new blog button.
Same awesome patterns, different name :)

A few weeks back,
my darling daughter-in-law
fell in love with the Bracelet Bag
and emailed the link to me
informing me that "if" I were to make one for her
she wouldn't be mad at me :)

Well, yesterday was her birthday 
and I couldn't resist making the Bracelet bag for her.
One of the cool things about the Michelle patterns
is they are instant downloads.
No waiting for the mail.
I'm not a good waiter :)
Her patterns are easy to follow and
she includes lots of photos.
I used medium weight denim
and this colorful paisley print from Anthropology!
It took me a little over 
4 hours to complete.
I even made my own fabric covered button
for the outside flap.
That was fun to do and I'm already looking
for something else that might need a fabric covered button.......

The bag has an outside pocket and another one inside.
Just a really cute everyday bag.
She loved it,
mission accomplished :)

I just couldn't resist sharing my progress on my Spring Pixie.
I'm smitten with her :)
I'm not really feeling well today,
seems I acquired a bit of a sinus infection.
You know, that lovely achy feeling
that your face might just explode?
I don't feel like doing much of anything today.
Perhaps I'll just stitch some more?????


  1. As I told you yesterday - I love anything denim and that bag is seriously cute! So is the pixie.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Karen please feel better soon! :) Sinus stuff sucks! :( That bag is pretty cute! So is that fairy, especially the bee! I'm loving her! Can't wait to see her finished! Take Care! :)

  3. I agree with Denise and Cherise....cuteness and feel better

  4. OH that is one downright adorable purse! I love it when family and non-sewing friends drop "boy it would be nice to have" hints - it sure makes gift sewing a lot easier when you know you're making something they really want!

    How was the handle to sew? I've never done one like that before - did you have any problems?

  5. Very cute! I'll have to try my hand at this. I see you have Viking machine. Good choice! I have one too and I used to sell them. They are great machines. Your pixie is looking really good. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.


  6. Hey Karen,
    Your bug few to Chicago and landed on me!! I must have a worse version howerver, I am on antbiotics and sinus meds for the next 10 days!!

    Love the bag! Very very cute!! The paisley liner is wonderful!!

    Feel better my friend!! Hugs...jenny

  7. Great purse! You are 'sew' quick :-)! I feel the need for speed when I sew, but I know my limitations :-)!

    You inspire me Obi Wan :-)!

    How can you look down and stitch with a sinus infection? Feel better soon :-)♥!

  8. I LOVE this bag. It would make a great Christmas present!