Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fairy Goodness :)

As promised, here are a few pics from 
the Garden Fairy Princess Party :)
(Even crying, Sofie is adorable!)
The Mommies did such a fantastic job
with all the decor and food!
Little Ms. Sofie :)
Little Ms. Evie :)
Kristina made fairy wands for the girls 
out of large Gerbera daisies :)
April made Sofies cute!
Kristina made Evie's cute!

Well the Mommies were very happy 
with the outfits and the little girls were uber adorable!
I mean with baby girls this cute, 
you really can't go wrong :)

And apparently I'm in some kind of fairy mode
because this is the cross stitch I'm working on right now.
It's the "Spring" Pixie by Bent Creek.
I love her little bee on a stick!


  1. They are so cute in their little fairy outfits. I love those Gerbera daisy wands and special cakes too.

  2. So adorable! They looked so cute in their dresses. Love that Bent Creek design you are stitching too.


  3. I love that first picture with Sofie crying. It's so adorable! They both look so cute as fairies! You done good! :) I'm loving that fairy you're working on now but I think it's the bee that drew you to it though! ;)

  4. Aw! They are so cute!!! The party looks like it was so fabulous! Great job to everybody!!!

  5. Adorable little fairies! Love the new start! Bent Creek is a favorite.

  6. Absolute adorable-ness! OMGoodness there is way too much cuteness there. Great job on the fairy princess clothes. Just beautiful!