Monday, June 18, 2012

FNSI and IHSW results :)

First - my FNSI results:
 I know I showed you pictures of Sweetwater fabric
and I said I was going to sew curtains.......but......
I didn't have enough fabric to make the style
of curtains that my daughter in law wanted :(
I did, however, 
have a project that needed my attention.
2 of my grandsons needed me to replace
some of their little felt dinosaurs 
that had been loved to death :)
You can read more about the dinos here.
So I cut and stitched these little guys for them.
They were super happy to have 
their "Kung Fu Dino Posse" complete again!

Now for my International Hermit & Stitch Weekend result:
I finished my "America" by Little House Needleworks
It is stitched on 32ct evenweave over 1 thread.
I love to stitch super tiny crosses over 1.
It looks so compact and bold.
I changed out all the colors to what I liked
that I had on hand.

And last, but not least
some of the Father's Day fun
that I was working on:
Every year I made a special Father's Day card
for my hubby.
It's his favorite thing 
and he looks forward to it more than Christmas!
You can see some of his previous cards here.
This year I went with Despicable Me :)
(I love me some Minions!!!)
Took me an entire day
to cut out  those tiny blue overalls
and those goggles were tricky too!
Those are our 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.
He loved his card!
Now I have another year to start
planning his next card :)

I also made some mug rugs for my hubby
and our son and son in law.
I used fabrics to match their offices
and phrases that they each use
that would make them smile :)

I baked up some chocolate chip cookies for the Dad's at church.
I found these great free printable labels on the net.
Gotta love the Internet!

All in all it was a busy weekend.
We had a fabulous Father's Day with all our children
and grandchildren :)
Hope yours was lovely too!


  1. really love that card!!! you are seriously awesome!

  2. Your card tradition is awesome and I love the mug rugs!

  3. Wow! Everything sure looks awesome! I bet the hubby loved the card! I saw how much he was looking forward to it! Your stitching turned out beautiful! You definitely were a busy girl! :)

  4. Great finishes! You are very talented!

  5. The cookies are delish :-)! I LOVE the card and the mug rugs. Who is the 'Signs' fan?

    You are an excellent wife, mom, grandma and women's ministry 'hands & feet'.

    You do 'sew' much, so well...and you make it look easy. We never see you sweat :-) Obi Wan!

  6. That is a wonderful finish - great stitching. That is a fabulous card - no wonder your DH looks forward to it every year.