Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Star Trek, Menopause & an Octopus?

I recently made a darling brown & pink polka dot Octopus for my sweet little Sofie. At least I thought is was darling.  My dear friend Regena said that she didn't like it and she would never give her grandchildren an Octopus.

Oh really? We'll just see about that!

Well thanks to the fact that I am entering into the abso-stinkin-lutely-fabulousness of the sleepless nights in early menopause, there are many nights that my brain just doesn't want to shut down. So there I lay in my bed... trying to figure out a way to make Regena admit that the Octopus was indeed darling....
I thought about her Star Trek obsession and figured if I could somehow combine Star Trek with the Octopus, I could make an Octopus that even Regena would love!!!........ <---------- (insert evil laugh here)

Later that night while the hubs and the dog and the cat were happily snoring away ... I was designing "Spock-topus" in my head. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning and get started on those ears! I used fleece and felt and played around with the ears and the facial features for a while until I came up with this guy. I have to say I find him oddly attractive :) I'm thinking of making one for my etsy shop to see if anyone else would want a Spock-topus of their very own. Lucky for me, I actually made pattern pieces this time around. I guess my brain is not completely gone.....yet :)

UPDATE: you can special order your own Spocktopus here:



Of course he'll sell!!!
And yes, NOW any future grands I get can have an octopus, nee, Spocktopus, to play with. As long as they are clean, stay in an approved area, wear little cotton gloves and don't get him dirty.
You did say we all needed boundaries, right?
FYI to type an evil laugh....
mwah ha ha

And yes, he is oddly attractive. :-)


haha, I must say- that is AWESOME! love!


That is one very cute spocktopus:-D
Congratulations on the birth of your baby grandaughter - she is absolutely beautiful.


That is awesomeness to the tenth power!!!


Amazing! Karen you are too awesome! I just knew Regena would love this! Why not, it's so unique and cool. You definitely have to make some for your shop.


Too cute Karen! I'm featuring it tomorrow on SewHappyGeek!
Also, you might consider making a pattern for it to sell on etsy - and you might also consider going to Geek Crafts and submitting it for a feature on their blog - they LOVE this kind of stuff! I know one of the girls over there, she's really lovely! It would be great exposure for you :)

Zombie Leah

omg that is sooooo awesome! if you do make some to sell, i may have to treat myself. :)


So hilariously cute! Super unique! My Star Trek friends will LOVE this!

Jenn Erickson

OMG, you are an awesome and very talented friend! Regena is lucky to have such a creative and generous friend in you!

Jenn/Rook No. 17


freaking hilarious! it!...

Tyra @ SilverLily Sews

This is hilarious. Absolutely fantastic. Well done and thanks for linking up to Finished It Up Friday!


I just saw this on Quilt Story... SO CUTE! Clever clever clever idea!! I


I love, love, love your Spock-topus. I may just have to tried to create one of my own... lol.

Emily's Mum

This is genius. Emily will adore it and it will make a great friend for Tiberius the cat ( Emily's own blog will explain why) ha ha



Matthew Milzarski

Thanks to's Facebook page for suggesting you. This is the Star Trek best!
May I also suggest the Tuvok-topus from Star Trek Voyager?

Next you should make Kirkthulhu! :)


My boyfriend would LOVE this!

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